A little about me, I’m a first generation Filipino-Canadian and if you’re wondering if my family dynamic stayed the same way since 1979, it did not. My parents divorced in the early 90s, along with everyone else’s, remarried, pro-created some more, and even de facto adopted a mostly adult son, because needing parents isn’t something that stops at a certain age. Today, I’m part of a hella blended family and it’s huge. Marrying a man whose parents hail from Newfoundland, a place where the size of families rivals that of the good old Catholics. My mom’s last name is Mierzurak, my daughter’s is Whelan and yes, family dynamic figures prominently in all of my stories.

Writing-wise, I write contemporary romance. I’ve written in big cities and small towns, and prefer to write sweet heat, along with romantic suspense, political intrigue and medical romance. Anything with action. My debut series from Tule, The Dorseys of Conception Bay features the post-hockey life of a trio of brothers.

Life-wise, it’s been a ride. In university, I worked as a banker in a bank and a casino, as a finance manager at Coca-Cola, owned and operated my own yoga studio and school, and finally landed in the Rocky Mountains, doing what I love—writing and also working part time at the public library, because I just love books. Somewhere along the way, I got married (12 years ago) and birthed a child (8 years ago).

Why the mountains where it’s winter eight months of the year? My family and I love to ski, both downhill and cross-country, ice skate, sled, tube, build snowmen and snowwomen, and have snowball fights. In the summer it’s hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping and floats on the lake. And all of this is right in our backyard, walking distance.

When I’m not outside, I’m curled up in front of the fireplace with a book. I’m a mood reader and recently finished demolishing Fonda Lee’s Jade Bone series in three weeks. I love movies, but sadly I am somewhere like a decade behind on TV. Though I did binge Euphoria in three days (very intense, do not recommend), and loved a little Netflix series called The End of The Fucking World.

Anyway, I can talk about myself forever, I’m a Virgo. So, I’ll sign off here and thanks for reading!

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