Yours, Mine & Ours

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Andre loves Bea. That’s never been the problem. The issue is that he loves her too much to hurt her, but putting off an engagement and starting a family is hurting far more than either of them are willing to admit.
When Bea becomes pregnant, she realizes she can’t wait around waiting for Andre anymore. If he isn’t going to step up, she has to. Having a family is her dream and she will break Andre’s heart to do it. For the sake of her baby.
But she finds that, she doesn’t have to raise a baby alone, nor does the father of her baby need to be involved. Enter G, a former solo-poly turned platonic life partner, who discovers that family is what you make it.
Can Andre, Bea and G work out their individual issues in time for their baby’s arrival? Or was their relationship doomed to fail from the start?